PRISMA FAAS integrates 5 basic modules: Accounting Compliance with Mexican Authorities, CFDI Analytics, Purchasing, Tool Crib Control, and Preventive Management.

Journal Ledger
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Bank accounts management and conciliations
SAT Official Accounting Catalog
Corporate Accounting Catalog
Customers’ and Vendors’ Invoices validation (Black lists Art. 69 Federation’s Fiscal Code)
Financial Statements
Electronic Accounting filing
ERP Interfaces
CFDI invoice filing
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CFDI Analytics
This module compares the CFDIs sent (Accounts Receivable CXC) and received (Accounts Payable CXP) from an Accounting system, and the payroll CFDIs, reporting discrepancies with those CFDIs registered by the SAT.
Extracts .XML files directly from the SAT website
Generates comparisons reports for received and sent CFDIs from your payroll system
Correlates payment complements with corresponding UUIDs
Verifies quantities, currency and CFDI status (valid or canceled), invoices without payment complements and more
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Purchasing & Receiving
Creates company Purchase Orders requests and tracks authorizations previous to issuing the Purchase Order
Manages partial or full deliveries of purchases
Includes international and domestic suppliers
Releases payments upon delivery
Keeps historical purchase records by supplier
Automatically requests the restock of items in Tool Crib
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Tool Crib
Controls maximum and minimum quantities of items in the Tool Crib
Generates item check-out vouchers for cost control between departments
Automatically generates a Purchase Order through Purchasing & Receiving for items that fall below a specific Tool Crib inventory level
Seamlessly integrates with the Preventive Maintenance module
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Preventive Maintenance
Logs the necessary materials needed to perform preventive maintenance for each piece of machinery/equipment
Integrates with Tool Crib to track the supply of equipment and materials, according to the maintenance timeline
Tracks materials and quantities needed to provide machinery maintenance, based on a designated timeline
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